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Optical Illusion Décor

Bay Window

Giving the view you have always dreamed of. An illusion that transports you to the heart of your favorite location.

Benefit from the scenery of nature in any location within your room. Whether your basement apartment needs a touch of the essence, or you are simply looking at an outlook of your dream garden in your office, our Bay Window is here to make that experience as realistic as possible with the metal structures and glass glares from the prints. Get a feel of your own greenhouse with our Jungle Glass Roof or our Winter Garden Wall for a stunning Victorian aesthetic.

Tropical greenhouse poster
Tropical canopy poster
Kitchen poster with trompe l'oeil

Gear Your Focus Towards a Bay Windows

Windows are a trendy feature to any interior. When it comes to wall decoration, our prints convey the illusion of enlarged space with the optical illusion effect. They bring light into a room by adding an opening to the exterior. With their alluring graphics, Bay Windows are ideal for someone looking to escape step out of their ordinary setting. You can choose from beautiful winter gardens or impressive botanical gardens from all around the world.

Décoration murale Bay Window

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