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Nature & Landscape


Palm trees, ferns, ficus...any luscious leaf or alluring scenery you would like to incorporate into your home. Travel to your dream destination through our collection of exotic wall prints and a selection of wildlife.

Cover your wall with the plants you love! Simple and elegant, a perfect everyday print designed by independent artists. Get in tune with your nature side and bring the botanical ambiance closer to you.

Jungle illustration wallpaper
Dense jungle wall decoration
Jungle wall painting under glass
Tropical forest picture

In the spotlight: Exotic Theme

Exotic décor is one of our bestselling interior themes. The quirkiness of this trend tends to create a distinctive foreign look. With a clear and repetitive pattern bringing together softer tones, giant palm leaves and tropical plants, this delivers a sense of warmth and charisma to your atmosphere.

Luscious plants and other floral components allow you to escape into your dreamworld. Bringing your nature side to life will make you feel rejuvenated.

Décoration murale Exotic

Our collection of Exotic wall décors

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