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Vintage and classic home décor are here to bring you that one-of-a-kind layout to your interior. Travel back to your favorite era with our vintage wallpapers and décor.

Whether you are looking to portray an authentic image from the 1980s or recreate a nostalgic time in history, we have just the wall décor for you. From Victorian to antique, our selection of colour schemes and designs brings a unique and charismatic charm to your interior. The colours often seen are soft blue, pale green, light grey, a multitude of beige along with many light tints to deliver a classic, neutral appearance. Our prints are also available in black and white.

The world in hemispheres wall canvas
Vintage world map Vintura canvas print
Trompe l'oeil wallpaper vintage wall decoration
Vintage library wallpaper

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Gear Your Focus Towards a Vintage Wall Décor

Vintage has gained popularity throughout the years as many see this as an opportunity to unplug, reflect on the past and connect back to their roots. A vintage interior creates a delightful atmosphere of peace and comfort, thus adding strong values to the simple and ordinary details. This interior style brings light to mismatched furniture and remains inclusive to various materials, objects, and designs.

Décoration murale Vintage

Keep it Groovy

Scenolia carries a selection of high-quality decorative pieces for your walls. Retro is making its comeback and ready for you to kick it old school! Find which wall décor fits your style best. Our world maps are a popular choice due to their authentic and rough appearance. You can also select our brick wall for an industrial penthouse look from the ’90s. Our collection of Vintage prints aims to bring noble and calming sensations to your room. This collection pairs perfectly if your space consists of many natural fabrics and elements such as wood, wool, and stones.

Vintage effect brick wallpaper
Vintage world map canvas print
African map aged canvas print
Vintage camera wallpaper

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