Wall decoration Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion

Browse through our selection of optical illusions prints to enhance your world. For a hyper-realistic display, you can create a textured wall with our print, heighten the perception of your room, or let your imagination run free and bring your dreams to life.

Try the optical illusion print for an augmented experience in your space. Create a unique atmosphere regardless of the size and shape of your room. High-quality prints will add dimensions to your bedroom, living room, and office space. Add a photorealistic backdrop to your bedroom with the view you have always wanted. We have just the print you are looking for to complete your sanctuary.

Door posters and wall arts - beach hut
Outdoor privacy screen, false door
Wall hanging trompe l'oeil - Brick
Wallpaper trompe l'oeil - Cane work

Interior Design Ideas

Immerse yourself in new scenery, cityscape, or exotic destination within the comfort of your own home. Upload your own photo from your favorite travel destination to evoke your experience. Have your own graphics designed? Create the studio you have always wished for! Customize your room with our optical illusion prints for a tailored experience.

Personalize the interior of your walls with a selection of designs at your disposal. Suitable for small spaces, our optical illusion brings life to your walls with our 3D effects, stunning landscapes, faux window sceneries, or custom door prints for a pleasant entryway. Find the wall décor that will transform your room.

Décoration murale Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion with 3D effect

Feature the stunning mountains of Machu Pichu, a sunset view of the Toronto skyline, or outlooks over some of the most stunning locations on Earth, we have the perfect wall décor for you. Discover a scenery that transforms your room!

Optical Illusion wallpaper - Canopy
Optical Illusion wallpaper panels
Glass roof and brick poster
Optical Illusion marble wall decoration

Optical Illusion for your wallpaper, posters, and wall arts

Browse our selection of optical illusion wall decors and find the right print for you. With many styles, sizes, and hanging installations to choose from, there are endless possibilities to transform any space.

You can select between our faux textures, gateways, or landscape collection. Our faux textures feature wood for a rustic feel, industrial bricks, and stone imitations. Gateways highlight windows and doorway scenery. Our window prints will add character and serenity to your space. Our large-format landscape print will add depth and augment the perception of your space.

Can I set up the Optical Illusion print on an exterior wall?

Scenolia’s optical illusion prints can be hung outdoors for a beautiful display. When selecting an outdoor print for your yard, consider the theme or event you are looking to showcase. Scenolia offers many decorative designs, giving a wide range of graphics that cater to your style. You add the textured stone print as a privacy screen for an elegant exterior display.

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