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Are you looking for creative ways to decorate your door? Turn your plain white entryway into a glass door with an exotic forest view or add a window in a room with no aperture.

Have you ever desired to have a delightful view of the countryside while residing in an urban area? The gateway theme prints are here to make the impossible conceivable. Our high-quality printed windows and doors can be attached to almost any indoor surface. Scenolia is here to open doors to innovative design opportunities that will broaden your perspective.

Large windows Trompe l'oeil wallpaper
False door to the garden poster
Trompe l'oeil canvas print window on the beach
Canvas print of a false window on the mountain

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Is your room limited in space? Are you looking for different ways in expanding your room without breaking your budget? These Gateway prints are here to add more dimensions and give you the illusion of a wider room by decorating your walls. This selection of prints can also brighten up a room depending on the selected view. Let your walls fulfill your wanderlust.

Décoration murale Gateways

Bring the Outdoors A Little Closer To You

With our collection of scenery Gateway prints available on the Scenolia website, you will feel at peace in any space. Have a look at our Garden Wallpaper and escape your everyday workspace with a greenhouse at the center of your office. Get a stunning view of the outdoors even through a windowless room with our Looking at the Forest Canvas Print. Let our Gateway Prints bring you elsewhere.

Bay window on New York wallpaper
Panoramic industrial poster
Flowered wooden door poster
Poster escampette

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