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Enjoy the view from the capital city of France. Our wallpapers, posters, and large format canvas prints will make you feel like you belong in the most romantic places in the world.

Paris is one of the trendiest cities worldwide as many fashion brands have started their mark here. Also known as the City of Lights, this place consists of glorious landscapes and notorious architecture worth seeing. Why not bring this view into your space? Explore the Eiffel Tower in your living room, sightseeing at the Champs Elysée's from your office, or visit the Arc de Triomphe without leaving your bed. Immerse yourself in the Parisian setting with stunning wall décor.

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This city always keeps up with the latest fashion movements, why not keep your walls trendy as well? From wallpapers to canvas prints and posters, these graphics will have you gazed at in the lovely city of Paris. Whether you are looking for a full décor, or simply an accent wall, bring the European ambiance to you. This monumental city is incredibly inspiring to many due to its artistic culture, captivating landscapes, and pleasant atmosphere. Take a stroll on the streets of this marvelous city with our collection of Paris-themed wall decors.

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Scenolia offers a selection of wall decorations for your interior. Exhibit some of the finest prints from a place where history and design are prosperous. Check out our View of The Eiffel Tower Canvas Print for a stunning monochromatic display of the cityscape around the Eiffel Tower, or our Paris Roof Wallpaper for a view of the city through windows of a rooftop building. Tour the city and relish the moment from any room.

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