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Industrial style, urban chic decor. Here are a collection of stylish visuals to transform your home into a bright and beautiful loft! An old factory, an urbex theme with a post-apocalyptical feel, a beautiful old brick wall, an abandoned building... the possibilities are endless with our industrial visuals.

Go for a stylish decoration in grey, white, black, brown and red. The highlight of the industrial style is of course brick! Go on, why not put up a brick trompe l'oeil wallpaper on one of your living room walls or in your bedroom? It will be fundamental to your decoration. We have several colours of bricks, depending on the level of brightness required for your room. Stone and concrete are also major materials in an industrial decor. Mixing them up in the different rooms of your house is a good way to express your appreciation of both of them .

Complete your decoration with an old style wall decoration (old boxing gloves, vintage world map, map of New York graphic...).

Grey concrete wall wallpaper
Industrial style wall decoration
Industrial style poster
Boxing glove canvas print

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Decorating tips for an industrial urbex interior

For a style that packs a punch, try adding an urbex touch with photos of abandoned and disused places. With their trompe l'oeil effect, our urbex posters will push your walls back, enlarging your home. Our urbex canvases also have the perfect aesthetic to complement your industrial style bedroom or living room. Give in to temptation and try out this trend.

Décoration murale Industrial

The vintage industrial decoration trend: luminosity and mix of materials (metal and wood)

Keep the furniture simple with chic, trendy and bright accessories (light curtains, white chairs, low profile furniture, etc.). The circulation space (where you walk through to get to your furniture) must be kept free so that light can enter your apartment. Mixing materials such as wood and steel is a great idea to enrich your vintage, industrial style decoration. Leave the finishes visible for a rough, minimalist effect, and yourindustrial style will be all the more successful.

Now that you've read all of our ideas and tips, it's time to play with your decor!

Industrial brick wallpaper
Industrial urbex wall decor
White brick poster
Camera wallpaper

Our industrial style wall decor products

Decorate your living room in industrial style with a painting

Is the living room the central room of your home? For an industrial house, decorate your main room with industrial and vintage style objects and decorations. Assert your style with a rough concrete-effect wallpaper, a trompe l'oeil factory facade, a fake brick wall poster, a vintage camera picture, or a vintage world map wall in a frame..

Large industrial wall decoration

Opt for an XXL painting for a large industrial wall decoration. The Scenolia large-scale board can be up to 180 cm or even 2 metres long! It is a giant format because it takes up almost a whole wall. Decorate your living room with a large industrial style wall decoration.

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