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Feel rejuvenated with our Waterfall wall prints. Suitable for any space, sit back and enjoy the calming scenery of flowing rivers.

Waterfalls create a soothing atmosphere. Display a stunning chute at the center of your family room as an accent wall or in the corner of your bedroom near your house plants, creating a peaceful Zen ambiance. With our high-definition printing quality, you could almost feel immersed in some of nature’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Waterfall wallpaper
Waterfall in nature Wall decoration
Waterfall wallpaper strip
Waterfall wall hanging

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Tips from our Design Team

Our Waterfall wall art is a stunning collection, but you can add complementary objects and furniture to complete your room. Incorporate the Living Waterfall Wallpaper strip into a room with limited wall space. The great thing about this product is that it takes over the whole length from the ceiling to the floor. Pair it with a tall standing plant or use it as a design print for a sliding door. If you have your own print in mind, feel free to submit your photo and we will provide a custom print just for you. Scenolia is here to bring life into your walls.

Décoration murale Waterfall