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For blooming decoration, have a look at some of our floral and plant theme prints for your walls. Contemporary and trendy posters, wallpapers, and privacy screens. Add a touch of nature to your home décor.

A wall decoration that highlights that springtime sensation. Discover our flower decorations for your home and yard displays. Our graphics team has carefully selected these prints for any indoor space you acquire. Whether it’s modern, classic, bohemian, or vintage, we have just floral graphics for you. We capture some of nature's finest details in high quality and exhibit on large format prints available for you.

Mimosa flower canvas print
Dried flowers wallpaper
Lotus flower canvas print
Pink flowers wallpaper

Top-selling decoration of the theme Floral

For All the Bright Colours

Our botanical wall art and floral wallpaper will bloom on your walls. Hang a blossoming wall frame in your living room or kitchen to brighten up the space. Our floral theme adds a touch of life with its lively hues.

Flowers and plants represent beauty and growth that transpire in life. Each plant is unique due to its colour and shape for various occasions. Explore our selection of floral prints for the ambiance you are looking to create within your space. Why not incorporate a floral print for an accent wall in your bedroom or frame your favorite plant in your office to complement your succulents. Flowers and plants lose their colour over time, but we guarantee that our high-quality prints will not fade through long-term use.

Décoration murale Floral

Your Walls Inflorescence

Have a look at our selection of floral prints available on our lookbook. If you want to add a bouquet to display in your green room, opt for the Wildflower print. We also have our Floral Fence for the perfect fence wrap or our Tutti Frutti for a vivid studio exhibition.

Flower and fish design wallpaper
Floral wallpaper
Black and white flower canvas print
Tropical flowers wall hanging

To complete your floral wall decor

Spring Floral Collection

Spring Style: Decorative Floral Designs

As the year begins, consider renewing your interior decor with fresh wall art. Discover our range of posters, canvases, outdoor decorations, and wallpapers to create a bright and colourful atmosphere. Adopt the season's colours on your walls. 

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