Wall decoration accessories

Scenolia offers accessories to help you bring the right tools to the installation of your decor. Here we sell tacks, glue pots and accessories for wallpapers, posters and privacy screens. Make sure you have a smooth installation with our adapted installation tools.

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Peace of mind first

For an impeccable installation of your wallpaper to be stuck on your wall, buy the installation accessories proposed by Scenolia. We have selected them for you because they are suitable for the settings sold. Make sure that your wall complies with the recommendations listed on the glue pots. All our accessories are of good quality to ensure that the decor is perfectly maintained and that it lasts as long as possible. The materials are solid and can be used for other decoration projects! Wash all objects thoroughly after installation (brush, glue tray, roller, etc. that are soaked with glue).

Scenolia advises you to use its transparent pins for the installation of a large format poster. They will be almost invisible, for a discreet effect as if the decor was glued. For the installation of decorative wallpapers, we offer accessory kits. They combine several tools at a lower cost. These kits are perfect if you have nothing at home to hang a wallpaper. For the wall charts, we offer the adhesive screw as an accessory, for an installation without drilling, ideal for rental. And finally, for the privacy screens, the recommended fasteners are strong and resistant to outdoor use, while being discreet (with their green colour, like the garden).

Let your fingers do the talking!