Wall decoration and artwork by Lucie Bressy

Lucie is a passionate and self-taught photographer, who practices photography for pleasure above all else. Interested in a wide range of subjects, she is particularly interested in nature, austere landscapes, herds and horses.

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Who is Lucie Bressy?

Portrait of Lucie BressyAs a traveller, Lucie Bressy regularly feels the call of the great outdoors. Unlimited, isolated, often austere horizons, such as the steppes of Mongolia, the savanna of West Africa, the shores of the Falklands or of Iceland. She likes to capture the presence, sometimes human, more often animal, of those that give life to the landscapes. She then reproduces the beauty and energy of nature through her writing and/or through the images in her blog or through exhibitions.

On the photography side, Lucie continues to improve, especially in image processing, all while asserting her perspective: not to make photography an end in itself but to give the world its central place, to bear witness to fragile balances, make lasting memories, always discover and share.

We met the artist at the Phot'Aubrac festival and added her image collection in 2021.