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Calling all melody lovers and rhythm enthusiasts! Our Music-themed decor brings a dynamic vibe to your setting. For parties, festivities, or events, these wallpapers, canvas prints, and posters will keep you in tune!

There is nothing more stimulating than a mix of melodies and ambient beats creating a jubilant atmosphere. With a combination of colours, shapes, and styles, our music-themed décor will bring harmony into your home. Let yourself get carried away by the acoustics and let these music notes take over your walls. We have what you are looking for to set the tone in your room. Our Music-themed wallpapers speak volumes.

Wall decoration Music
Music score wallpaper
Music canvas print
Guitar wallpaper on the wall

Tips from our Decorating Team

Turn your basement into a party room with Scenolia’s Music-themed wall decor. Music is a wonderful way to elevate your mood when you are down. Feel the sound waves through our unique canvas prints with Coloured Smoke Wallpaper for a touch of radiancy. We also have other options like our Pop Rock Wallpaper for a hip contemporary décor.

Décoration murale Music

Tune Up your Home

Music can affect your perception of the world by can triggering strong emotions or bringing back hidden memories. Luckily, there is an array of styles, emotions, and ambiance created by music, very much like our selection of wall art. If you are looking to create a playful atmosphere, our Guitar Collection Poster will be an exceptional choice by bringing you a variety of guitar styles in assorted colours to your liking. Other design options like our Jazz Musicians for a monochromatic addition, or the Vinyl Record Poster for vintage and nostalgic feel.

Concert wallpaper
Rock canvas print
Hanging guitars wall hanging
Skull and crossbones design

To complete your music wall decor

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