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Keep yourself active with our selection of games and activities with our Sport & Leisure-themed decor. Live sporting images and actions shots of some of the greatest moments in history. Capture the point in time in your intimate space.

Find your favorite pastime in our collection of Sports & Leisures. At Scenolia, you can find activities such as aviation, sailing, basketball, rugby, boxing, football, swimming, and more! An excellent way to incorporate some of your favorite hobbies and pleasures into your home or office space. Show your love and enthusiasm for your favorite activity through a stunning display in your interior.

Basketball canvas print
Rugby wall chart
Tennis wallpaper
Baseball poster

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Tips from our Decorating Team

Whether you are a professional athlete or simply share a passion for sports, our posters and canvas prints have you covered. Portrayed in some of our most elegant settings, Scenolia provides a range of high-quality décor at affordable rates.

Décoration murale Sports & Leisure

Dynamic Wall Fixtures

You can customize your own display in your space in any desired manner. Either incorporate a singular print, or a series of multiple graphics and create an arrangement that makes them work accordingly. You can pair a set of three black and white prints to match your minimalist furniture and convey emotions in a way colours may not. Do it for the experience and try our Sports & Leisure print for your space.

Swimming pool poster
At sea wall canvas print
Hanging wall hanging basketball room
Football poster

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