Wall decor and canvas prints by Hervé Sentucq

Fascinated by landscapes and travel, photographer Hervé Sentucq shares his passions with us. With high quality images, travel with him through the countries: Our beautiful France, Bolivia, Spain... With a large collection of large format breezes illustrating nature, admire the most beautiful sites.

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Who is Hervé Sentucq?

Hervé Sentucq was born in 1970. After studying science, he became a secondary school teacher before turning his passion for large format panoramic photography into a career.

As a lover of landscapes, his photography captures the beauty of the great outdoors and easily accessible natural or historical wonders. He creates timeless works which aim to provide a poetic recreation of a location's atmosphere. His search for unusual angles and momentary lighting effects reveals a brief moment of beauty that would otherwise go unnoticed. In this way, his work encourages a rereading of everyday places.

This photographer has chosen the grandeur of the panoramic format to sublimate the landscapes. It is broadly framed, but not visibly so. By assembling images, it restores fields of 130 to 180° in compositions with pseudo-rectilinear perspectives, which no lens can encompass or allow to be previewed. There is no distortion in the final result, nothing to disturb the viewer's serene contemplation. The wonder lies also in the meticulous arrangement of its panoramas: simplicity; a sense of mystery; a quest for beauty; a return to the essential, to clarity, to harmony. In order to idealize, to substitute for reality, his images are "fused", the sum of "decisive moments", of events that occurred during a moment spent on the spot, gathered into a whole... just like the formation of our memories. Post-production" has become the photographer's "second" job.