Wall decor and paintings by Laurent Chagnard

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Who is Laurent Chagnard?

Originally from Vercors, in France, his photographic work is centred around nature. Passionate about both animals and landscapes, he now travels the region of Vaucluse in search of a feeling, a vision, that he can capture and portray in his photographs.

A professional photographer, he participates in major photo competitions and exhibits his work at nature photo festivals in France. For example, he was a finalist in the Birds category of the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition run by the Natural History Museum in London with his portrait of a muddy flamingo. He received an honourable mention in the international competition IPOTY in 2017 with his photo of a bee-eater.

At the moment, he's focusing on creating visions of the world that would normally be beyond our perceptive abilities: panoramic landscapes that stretch beyond our visual field composed of multiple assembled panoramas; a mini planet encompassing the entire Earth contained in a pocket handkerchief; a mirror ball composed of 360° photos; an assemblage of long exposure shots which smooth the surface of water. The possibilities are endless and the Earth is my playground.