Wall decoration The garden

Garden wall decoration

The garden

Decoration takes to the air and invites itself outside. Scenolia offers several printed privacy screens to be placed against a fence or to cut off the wind while decorating your garden. The materials chosen are weather resistant, wind, sun, rain, etc. and have a good outdoor life.

If the interior is important and indeed, essential, in a house, then so is the exterior decoration of the garden. Having a beautifully decorated garden with flowers and a nice green lawn is a dream. Not everyone has the opportunity to have a property with a large outdoor space or a garden with a terrace. Scenolia offers many simple and inexpensive systems for garden decoration.

Cayeux beach privacy screen
Garden wall decoration
Trompe l'oeil sunshade with brick and flowers
Bamboo printed privacy screen

Garden wall decorating ideas

Choose the right atmosphere for you and make the most of your time outdoors. Find lots more outdoor decoration ideas with our tall privacy screens. Hide from the prying eyes of your neighbours while enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean and a sandy beach.

Décoration murale The garden

Take care of your exterior

If you want to enjoy your garden with a beautiful and durable decoration, you can simply opt for a privacy screen. This outdoor home decoration is the perfect companion, providing you with privacy, and protecting your plants from the wind and sun. Choose your material: polyester mesh to let the light through a little more, or an opaque tarpaulin for greater discretion.

Personalise your garden wall decoration. Send us your photo and we will print it in high definition for a better quality. Express yourself!

Precious wood privacy screen
Beige stone privacy screen
Wooden door privacy screen
Seascape privayc screen